Bar Grating with Smooth Surface or Serrated Surface

Four types of steel bar greeting with smooth and serrated surface offer you multiple and great choices for various applications.

Additional information


Carbon steel, aluminum steel, stainless steel.

Surface treatment

Galvanized, mill finished, painted, powder-coated, PVC coated.

Surface type

Standard plain surface, serrated surface.

Common bearing bar spacing

7/16", 1/2", 11/16", 15/16", 19/16" in 1/16" increments.

Common cross bar spacing

2", 4" in 1" increment.

Bearing bar depth

3/4" to 7".

Bearing bar thickness

1/8" to 1/2".

Product Details:

Steel bar grating with high strength and firm structure is made up of carbon steel, aluminum steel, or stainless steel. According to the manufacturing methods, it can be divided into four types: welded, press-locked, swage-locked, and riveted gratings. According to the surface shapes, it can be divided into smooth and serrated gratings. With various styles and sizes for choice, steel gratings are widely used in everyday life, such as stair treads, walkways, platforms, floors, various covers, wheeled equipment, security screens, heavy-duty constructions, and so on.


  • High strength and firm structure.
  • High anti-slip performance.
  • High load capacity and resistance to deformation.
  • Anti-press.
  • Explosion-proof.
  • Lightweight.
  • Various styles and sizes for choice.
  • Good ventilation and heat resistance.
  • Alkali and acid resistance.
  • Harsh environment resistance.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Easy installation.
  • Durable and long service life.

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